Our Mission

RetainMe is revolutionising the mortgage industry!

For millions of Australians, the process of getting a new home loan is hard, but negotiating your existing home loan is simply inaccessible.

At RetainMe, we are at the forefront of change.

We have revamped the outdated home loan process by eliminating unnecessary steps, time-wasting bank visits, and added transparency to bring the focus back to you.

Our unique approach not only makes it easier to buy a home but also helps you to negotiate a better deal on your existing home loan, so you are never paying more than you should.

Our Values

What we stand for

Our values are important to us and guide us in every decision we make.

Doing the right thing

If your lender is not yet available on our platform, we’ll advise you to apply directly to them, if that turns out to be your best option.

Making it easy

Saving money should be easy and that’s why our services are available 24/7, not just when your bank is open.

Putting you first

Negotiating your current home loan or buying a new one, we are committed to finding the deal that best suits you.

Be there for you

We are continuously looking for ways to save your hard-earned money, and will notify you when we can help you save.

Impartial & unbiased

We search, compare and negotiate the home loan deal that suits you, not the market’s favourite.

Fight for fairer mortgages

We stand up against unequal treatment by lenders towards existing customers, to help you get the home loan you deserve.

``Australian homeowners should have the confidence that they're not being ripped off by their financial institutes, and we are here to make this possible``

Join our team!

Let's build something meaningful, together

We’re always looking for talented and passionate people, who want to do things a little differently. Check out our careers page for current openings.

Our culture
Put the customer first, the rest can follow.
We are passionate and focused on the impact we make.
We are confident and take ownership of our wins and losses.
We work together by supporting and valuing each other.