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Get more from your home loan, for a whole lot less

Powered by our unique AI technology and the team of home loan experts, we help get your mortgage right, every time.

No Unnecessary Credit Checks

Negotiating your home loan won’t hurt your credit score at all


No Cost To You

We are 100% free and always will be. Our services won’t cost you a dime


Secure & Confidential

We only share your details with your nominated bank.


Focused on you

It’s not just about getting a home loan, but about getting rid of it.

There may be 100s of options available to help get you a new home loan, none that makes it easier to save on your existing home loan.
The official report from ACCC found that unnecessarily high search costs or effort required by borrowers reduce their willingness to negotiate or shop around. As of 30th June 2018, existing homeowners were paying an interest rate that was 0.32% higher than new customers, equal to more than one typical Reserve Bank rate increase.
You deserve better, and we thought it was time someone made a platform that puts you first and helps you save on your home loan much easier and delightfully digital. So that’s why we created RetainMe.

Refreshingly easy

3 easy steps to a better home loan

No more trips to the bank. No wasting hours on the phone, and definitely no messy paperwork.

1. Tell us about yourself

Submit your enquiry in under 2 minutes. Tell us your wants and needs, and we get to work with it.


2. We do the leg works

Whether you want a lower interest rate or simply a better home loan setup, we negotiate, so you don’t have to.


3. Save easy

Receive negotiated bespoken home loan offers from the comfort of your home. Saving you time, cost & hassle of moving banks.


Some of our partners & supporters

Our Motivation

Stories of everyday Australians that inspired us


Norwood, SA
With a full-time job and two kids, I struggle to find time to visit my bank to see if my loan is still the best. I wish it was easier.


Boronia, VIC
As someone with multiple home loans, it would be helpful if it was easy to have our loans reviewed and negotiated from our bank.


Chermside, QLD
I have been stung with paying a higher interest rate for months on my home loan, only because I didn't have time to chase my bank. Wish I'd some help.